Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ken and Chrys are still married

Ken and Chrys are still married.

In one of my recent posts I was referring to some difficult times we have faced in the last couple of years. I do have every intention of writing more about them although for most of you it will only be repetitive. My mom keeps telling me I really need to write about these experiences. I will. I really will.

At any rate... I mentioned that I've seen parents get divorced and I have. I do consider Geoff's parents to be my own. Just to make it perfectly clear, Ken and Chrys are still married. It will be 42 years this December!

Divorce is devastating. It has been one of the hardest things we've had to experience. I hadn't seen Geoff cry until then. We cried together. We cried alot together. Even now thinking about it and the circumstances around the divorce it still makes me cry.


Monica said...

This is something that is the most sensitive to my heart in my whole life...it has been 15 years now since my parents divorce and it is still hard sometimes. I am sorry for you and Geoff. It doesn't matter how old we are, it still hurts bad. Thinking of your family...miss you all sooooo much. You are still my hero after all these years. Love you,Monica

AZAlgers said...

I thought your parents looked far too happy at the beach last week to be splitting up :) Would have been fun to see you there. And thank you for your words and example of how to handle trials with faith, grace and humor.

Susan said...

What a relief!

Sharr said...

hey lezlie :O) i just wanted to tell you that i miss you. i was thinkin' about you the other day... :o)

thebibleandthenews said...

By saying you are still married, you are implying that some day you might be divorced, which is pretty negative.